Diminished Bone Warden

Made of dead, once living matter


Diminished Bone Warden Profile

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
58 33 54 41 31 40 32 40 na

Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 40
Skills: None
Talents: None
Traits: Warp-Shard Crown (see below), Cloud of Corpses (see below) Unnatural Strength x2 (see below)
Weapons: Claws and Fists (2d10+10), Warp Blast (Counts as an Archaeotech Hellpistol)
Armour: None
Gear: None

Warp-Shard Crown: At any time, a Bone Warden can spend a Full Action to regenerate one wound for every corpse within 20 metres as its shards burrow into their dead flesh and they are dragged into to the creature’s mass. Once a corpse is used in this way, it becomes part of the Bone Warden and cannot be used again. The Warp-Shard Crown also has a secondary power to disrupt energy attacks and fields in its presence as the crystals sap their power. For this reason, power weapons (like power swords) only do half damage against it.

Cloud of Corpses: Because the Bone Warden is not really a physical thing but rather a collection of dead animated flesh, it can also spread itself across a large area by sending out bodies spinning and writhing through the air. Typically a Warden will be comprised of around a dozen or so bodies at one time spread over an area of up to 15 metre radius from its crown. This means that anyone in, or next to, this area can be attacked by the Warden. Furthermore, as a Full Action, the Warden can make a single melee attack against every target in this area. A flamer or similar area-effeect weapon inflicts double damage upon the Diminished Bone Warden.

Unnatural Strength (x2): The Bone Warden is a construct fuelled by the warp, giving it strength beyond what is physically possible. When dealing damage with melee attacks, the Bone Warden doubles its Strength Bonus (letting it do 10 additional damage instead of 5).


Diminished Bone Warden

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