The Twilight Swords Corsairs

“You meddle in powers too vast to comprehend. By setting foot on this path, you have sacrificed the lives of you and yours. We merely come to collect what is due.”


The Twilight Swords are a band of Corsairs who have recently arrived in the Koronus Expanse, first being reported as raiders in the Heathen Stars region in 789.M41 in an abortive battle with Rogue Trader Aspyce Chorda. Most Corsairs embrace an existence without the restrictions of the Eldar Path, becoming known as Outcasts who leave their Craftworld behind for centuries or even millennia. However, the Twilight Swords seem to have much closer ties to the Craftworld of Kaelor, and there are many stories of the Twilight Swords fighting alongside Kaelor Aspect Warriors or assisting Kaelor Dragonships in battle amongst the void. The Twilight Swords favour crimson and gold and are often adorned with a multitude of xenos-crafted blades and close-quarter weapons. The Corsair warriors of this band seem to prefer the wild clash of melee, fighting their foes face-to-face.

The Twilight Swords seem to revel in their piratical role, and have been known to show mercy to a defeated foe only to snatch away any chance of survival on a whim. Rogue Traders who have encountered these Corsairs claim that they are bound to a complex code of honour with a labyrinthine set of rules. However, this same code often seems to have a convenient exception whenever required to better the Eldar’s position.

Aspyce Chorda tells a number of stories involving her encounters with these Corsairs. According to her, the Twilight Swords are diligently searching the Heathen Stars for some unknown prize, combing through worlds and ships alike with unusual interest. Lending support to her claims, there have been numerous sightings of Corsairs wearing crimson and gold upon many of the human settlements and worlds in the Expanse, including Footfall itself.

Although the Twilight Swords and warriors of Craftworld Kaelor are not in the Expanse to protect the Dread Pearl from discovery, they have readily diverted both ships and warriors to stop humans from despoiling their world. Their resources are stretched thin, but the warriors sent will fight ferociously to protect their lost Maiden world.

The Twilight Swords Corsairs

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