Jeremy's Astropath

WS: 22 BS: 22 S: 20 T: 40 AG: 40
In: 35 Per: 45 WP: 56 Fel: 45
Fate: 3 W: 13 Corr: 0 Ins: 2

Vendigroth was born on a ship – as a “Twist”. Because his family had stowed away on the ship and weren’t part of the crew, Vendigroth spent most of his childhood learning to sneak and scavange for everything he could. That’s when he started to realize that he could do things that noone else could. He was very careful to keep this to himself, as he’d seen what happened to the last mutant……

Through the years, Vendigroth had many near misses. Occasionally, that included leaving family members and friends that got caught and either captured or “taught a lesson”. Usually, there wasn’t anything he could do when outnumbered and outequiped. When he was about 16, he and a couple of friends were cornered by a twistcatcher. He used the power of his mind to crush the man and kill him.

From then on, Vendigroth was ostracized from the community of scavengers. Without them watching out for him, Vendigroth was easily captured by a twistcatcher and pressed into service on the ship. Fortunately, his perception and careful nature put him in good stead and he worked his way onto the sensor crew. After about two years time, he tripped up again and his shipmates discovered he was a psyker. Fortunately, an officer showed before his “friends” were able to burn him alive as a witch. The officer dropped handed him over to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and he was interred in one of the Black Ships. Due to his natural gifts coupled with his mutation, he was able to survive the indoctrination and thrived under the training itself.

After the training and being soul-bound to the emporer, he’s realized his true calling and is devoted to bringing the light to the masses. Either through enlightment or the flame, it’s the masses choice.


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