Shard of Dawn

Eldar Ship


Hull: Frigate
Class: Aconite Class Frigate
Dimensions: 1.5 km long, .2 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 4 megatonnes approx.
Crew: Unknown
Accel: No max acceleration determined in Imperial records

The Shard is an Eldar frigate tasked with patrolling the edges of Imperial space and watching for those that would seek out the Dread Pearl.

Game Statistics

Speed:14 Manoeuvrability:+ 45 Detection:+ 25 Void Shields:Armour:14
Hull Integrity:20 Morale:100 Crew Population:100 Crew:Crack (40) Turret Rating:1 Weapon Capacity:Prow 2 Space:30 Power:50

Essential Components

Aconite Solar Sails, Warp-plotter, Command Bridge, Xenos Life Sustainer, Xenos Crew Quarters, Xenos Sensor Array

Supplemental Components

Prow starcannon cluster battery x2, Holo Field, Runecaster

Additional Rules

Master Starfarers: The Eldar are some of the most skilled voidfarers in existence, and their ships are designed to make the most of their talents. Any Eldar aboard an Eldar vessel may re roll any Piloting Tests for Manoeuvre Actions.

Eldar Components

The ships of the Eldar are vastly different from any human construction, and may have different rules that apply to them.

The Eldar disdain the use of brutish plasma drives, and instead soar across the void powered by the light of stars, caught in vast solar sails that extend from the ship like wings. This both powers the ship and provides propulsion. A solar sail allows an Eldar ship to move, and provides it with power. In addition, it conveys the following benefits.
Aconite Solar Sails: A ship with solar sails may interrupt its Manoeuvre Action at any point to perform a Shooting Action. Once the Shooting Action is resolved, it must complete the remainder of its Manoeuvre Action. The limit of one Shooting Action per turn still applies.

Eldar Starcannon Cluster Battery

The Eldar have long perfected plasma technology, and do not arm their vessels with crude projectile cannons. Their ‘macrobatteries’ are made up of multiple turrets of immense clusters of starcannons, capable of punching through armour with intense plasma beams.
Superior Accuracy: Eldar vessels gain a +10 to Ballistic Skill Tests made to fire a starcannon cluster battery.

Type Strength Damage Crit Rating Range
Macrobattery 4 1d10 + 2 4 6

Holo Field: A Holo Field is an ancient wonder of the Eldar race and the bane of Imperial gunners. The field creates a multitude of “ghost images” of the Eldar ship, each in a different location. It effectively masks the ships true position to such an extent that it is nigh impossible to determine exactly where it is, taking random shots into the void in the hopes of scoring a glancing hit.
Holographic Cloaking: All attacks made against a ship with a functioning Holo Field suffer –40 to any Test to hit in addition to any other penalties (for example, this would include both a Ballistic Skill Test to hit the ship with lances, and a Pilot (Space Craft) + Manoeuvrability Test to ram the Holo Field equipped ship). Macrobatteries, Due to their massive broadsides that fill a large area of space with ordinance, only suffer a –20 to hit. Ships also suffer a –30 to any attempts to use any Extended Actions against the a holo fielded ship that involve Detection (such as Lock on Target and Focused Augury).
Eldar Defensive Doctrine: Eldar ships have no void shields, and always have their Holo Field active unless it is destroyed.


The Eldar race is an ancient one and its ships are amongst the most sophisticated in the galaxy. In addition, Eldar crews are arguably the best-trained and most naturally-able spacefarers of any race. Eldar ships move by capturing stellar energy through their sails and using this to power their movement. The amount of energy they can capture and therefore the distance they can travel depends on their orientation with regards to the nearest star. The ships are graceful and extremely manoeuvrable, allowing them to dart in and launch an attack and then pull back before their slower
moving enemies have a chance to react. Eldar ships are protected by holofields which distort targeting sensors and make them very hard to hit, rather than offering any physical protection. However, attacks that do strike home tend to cause considerable damage to these sophisticated but fragile vessels.

As a race, the Eldar are highly accomplished raiders. They use rapid hit-and-run attacks to eliminate isolated pockets of the enemy, utilising their speed and manoeuvrability to strike where he is weakest. However, if the enemy is able to bring sufficient force to bear, Eldar ships are not sturdy enough to withstand the furious bombardments of a full fleet engagement. Therefore, strength in numbers and a compact defence have always been the best tactics to use against an Eldar attack.

Shard of Dawn

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