Origin Lineage


Your family has existed for a very long time, predating sectors of the Imperium and with branches spread far and wide across the galaxy. Your family name is one known well in many places, recorded in ancient archives of history and proudly remembered on worlds you may never see, due to the exploits of distant kin and legendary ancestors. Members of your family pride themselves on their lengthy and widespread legacy, and you were taught the lore of your ancestors from an early age.

Select one of the following options:

A Dark Secret
Something foul lurks within your ancestry, something that would bring ruin upon your family were it ever to become known to outsiders. You guard that secret with your life, for the disgrace of it would bring you and all your family low. Your power now makes that all the harder, for your enemies are many and they eagerly seek the means to overcome you. Were they to learn of your secret familial disgrace, little would be able to stop them extorting or blackmailing you for all you possess, or even simply revealing it out of spite and malice.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Gain Deceive and Scrutiny as trained Skills, owing to the character’s constantly guarded nature. However, the strain of long years of concealing the secret has hindered prosperity, so reduce starting Profit Factor by 1.

My Great-Grandfather Built This Colony
Your connections and the legacy you have inherited reach many places, and you have learned of those places well, lending authority to your presence and swaying those who might otherwise have cause to doubt you. Your ancestors laid the foundations for your present prosperity, and you take
advantage of that whenever the opportunity arises. When your own reputation does not open doors for you, that of your forebears will.
Cost: 350xp
Effect: Gain the Peer (any one) Talent, representing some of the wide-ranging connections the character’s family has cultivated. In addition, increase starting Profit Factor by 1.

Prominent Ancestry
Your formative years were spent in the presence of many tutors, learning the history of the Imperium and the part your ancestors played in that history. Long hours of study, and longer ones of rote-learning and recitation, have given you a significant insight into matters historical, and the habits of your youth stay with you even to this day—you retain a deep curiosity about the events of ancient times.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: Gain Scholastic Lore (Archaic) as a trained Skill, and Scholastic Lore (Legend) as an untrained Basic Skill.


You are the latest in a long line to take up this profession, an heir to a proud and prestigious lineage. The pressure of expectation and the weight of responsibility have always been your companions and your burden, and while you may have acted out against them as a callow youth, you are now the head of the household, the one whose name is synonymous with that of your line and your profession. For better or worse, the prestige of your lineage is now yours to carry.

Select one of the following options:

Heir Apparent
Your fate was always this: to stand at the forefront of the next generation and carry the family tradition one step further. For you, the weight of responsibility was the hardest, for you alone were required to bear the expectations of your entire family. Now, however, you look back thankfully on those harsh formative years, for the constant pressure of your teachers and predecessors gave you an advantage which will allow you to thrive in the years ahead.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Pick a single Skill from amongst the Starting Skills for the character’s Career Path.Gain the Talented Talent for that Skill.

Uncertain Inheritance
Your early years were spent in a constant state of intrigue, as you warred silently with your siblings, cousins and rivals to be the one who inherited the power and the prestige. Those who failed would be condemned to lives of lesser significance, always overshadowed by the one who claimed the prize. In the end, long-fought political battles and hard-won cunning paid off and you stand triumphant—and alone.
Cost: 300xp
Effect: Gain the Paranoid Talent, and Deceive as a trained Skill. Additionally, gain a +3 bonus to Intelligence or Perception.

Shameful Offspring
Burdened by expectations of glory and succession, you quickly sought the first escape you could find. While your siblings worked hard to earn the prestige of the family name, you indulged your whims and desires in an effort to avoid those responsibilities. Whether through cruel fate, inexplicable fortune or great calamity, however, you find yourself the only heir to the line, and your forebears shudder to think of the damage you might do to the family name now that you are in charge.
Cost: 150xp.
Effect: You gain your choice of Carouse or Gamble as a trained Skill, and the Decadence Talent. You also gain either 1d5 Corruption Points or 1d5 Insanity Points (your choice) due to the toll your life of reckless revelry has taken.


Your line is tainted, corrupted by some unspeakable foulness that has attracted the scorn and wrath of Inquisitors and Confessors and all manner of others over the generations. Like the Haarlock line of Rogue Traders (thought cursed by many) or the scions of the tainted houses of Malfi, many of your ancestors and predecessors were vile heretics, unrepentant blasphemers and twisted schemers whose evil is legendary, and more than a few of them burned for their sins. Now the burden of their infamy is yours to bear, and whether you choose to continue their legacy or strive to overcome remains to be seen.

Select one of the following options:

Outraged Scion
You stand apart from your predecessors and have made yourself an example of purity to spite their foul memory. When the purges came and claimed your living relatives, you led the Inquisition to their door, glad to see them receive the punishment they deserved. Now free to pursue your own legacy, you hope above all else that you can leave the taint of your lineage behind.
Cost: 300xp.
Effect: Gain the Armour of Contempt Talent and select two Forbidden Lore skills from the following list to treat as untrained Basic Skills: Daemonology, Heresy, Mutants, Pirates, Psykers, The Warp, or Xenos.

Secret Taint
You have long been careful to hide the worst of yourself and your family from outsiders. Their greatest atrocities are tales of horror, yet the truth of them is far worse. Endless caution and
boundless cunning define generations of your ancestors, and you have inherited these traits along with something far more sinister. Now you are the head of the family, and your power can be used to any end you wish…so long as nobody discovers it.
Cost: 400xp
Effect: Gain the Dark Soul Talent and Deceive as a trained Skill. In addition, gain + 5 Intelligence or Willpower. However, the taint is so deeply rooted within the character’s line, he gains 1d10 + 10 Corruption Points.

Vile Insight
Whether for good or ill, you have seen much that no human ever should. Esoteric and forbidden knowledge was your constant companion through your early life, and your understanding of such subjects is something that would shock most people. Whether you choose to turn that insight to greater things, or are tainted by it, is for the future to decide. For now, you possess great knowledge, and it gives you a decisive edge.
Cost: 300xp
Effect: Select any three Forbidden Lore skills from the following list: Daemonology, Heresy, Mutants, Pirates, Psykers, The Warp, or Xenos. Gain those as trained Skills. However, the malign nature of your knowledge has touched the character’s mind and soul. Gain 2d5 Insanity Points and
2d5 Corruption Points.


Shame is your inheritance. Your family line is in shambles, its resources all but depleted, its connections severed and its reputation met with only scorn and pity. You grew up in dilapidated finery, constantly mocked by the wealth and prestige of generations past, and constantly reminded of the fact that you are yet another heir with nothing of worth to inherit. Now you stand at the forefront of your broken family, and must choose whether you will continue their disgrace or end it.

Select one of the following options:

Another Generation of Shame
Your life has been ill-favoured. With nothing to look up to, no prestige to bear the burden of, your life lacked aspiration, and you have spent years whittling away what little wealth remains,
allowing the family reputation to sink even lower as the glorious past grows ever more distant. Even now, you do little but bring it further shame and disrepute.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Gain Carouse as a Trained Basic Skill, and the Peer (Underworld) Talent. However, reduce starting Profit Factor by 2.

The Last Child
Your family is not merely disgraced, it is dead. You alone are the sole survivor of a once-proud lineage that fell into disrepute and paid the ultimate price for it. Whether they made the wrong enemies, were on the wrong world at the wrong time as war or rebellion took hold, or faced some other fate, they are gone and you are all that remains, the last heir and the only one who can ensure that your family continues or, at the very least, dies with pride. You will need all your wits and cunning to ensure the survival of your clan, as your once vast resources are now next to nothing.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: Gain Barter and Trade (any one) as trained Skills. Additionally, gain +3 Intelligence or Fellowship. However, reduce starting Profit Factor by 3.

The One to Redeem Them
Your family’s shame is an outrage you have struggled beneath your whole life. Perhaps inspired by noble ancestors predating the fall from grace, or simply infuriated by the state of the family reputation and resources, you set forth to bring your inheritance back from the brink and return your clan to the glory it knew long ago. With no others to challenge your claim, you have taken control and pushed onwards to achieve something worthy of your ancestors, stopping at nothing to
regain their wealth and redeem their honour.
Cost: 300xp
Effect: Gain Commerce as a trained Skill, and gain a bonus +50 Achievement Points when completing any objective for an Endeavour. However, in spite of the character’s efforts, his family’s resources are still not what they once were; reduce starting Profit Factor by 1.


Wealth, power, servants… your family has all of these things in abundance. For longer than you can recall, your family has always known the right people, had the most money, been able to obtain the finest things, and had the most dignified and skilful vassals. You were born to such means, and never wanted for anything. Some may call you spoiled, or unfairly lucky, but the challenges of having and maintaining wealth and power are far beyond the unfortunates who have never possessed such things. Now that wealth and power is yours to command, and it shall take you far.

Select one of the following options:

A Powerful Legacy
A place in the politics of entire sectors of Imperial Space is the legacy you have found yourself with, and thanks to your influence amongst men and women whose wills command worlds, you are eminently comfortable in such circles. You are respected and feared for what you can do to those who earn your displeasure, and for the discretion with which you use that power. Even when people have not heard of your family, so commanding and powerful is your presence that they will listen anyway.
Cost: 350xp
Effect: You gain the Talented (Intimidate), Talented (Command) and Air of Authority Talents.

Born to Wealth
Your inheritance was huge. The wealth afforded to the lesser scions of your family was still more than sufficient to eclipse the entire estates of many lesser families. As the one who claimed the ultimate prize, your wealth is greater still, bringing with it the means to do a great many things that those of less grand circumstances might never dream of. Any desire you have now is within your grasp, for there are few doors that sufficient money cannot open eventually.
Cost: 300xp
Effect: Increase starting Profit Factor by 2.

Far-Reaching Contacts
You know people who know people, and the people you know are well-placed indeed. For generations, your family has had friends, relatives and acquaintances in every sector of Imperial society. This extensive network of contacts and allies has allowed your family to become more powerful and
influential than they might otherwise have been, and now that network is yours to use. A casual name-drop here, an “I’m a friend of the Lord-Admiral” there, and sooner or later nothing is beyond your reach.
Cost: 300xp
Effect: Gain any three Peer Talents (subject to GM approval).


The taint of the Witch is strong within your family, and many of your ancestors could wield the energies of the Warp. Whether they bore this taint openly, travelling to Terra aboard the Blackships to be tested and Sanctioned, or kept it secret is another matter entirely, but one thing is certain—whether or not you possess psychic powers, your heritage has influenced you in some way.

Select one of the following options:

Perilous Choice
There are fewer sins greater than concealing a psychic gift from the authorities, and fewer still that are more dangerous. Yet, for reasons you keep to yourself, you have made the decision to do just that. Through careful and illegal study, possibly at the feet of a like-minded family member, you have obtained a degree of mastery over your natural powers that allows you to keep them secret, yet ready to be called upon in direst need.
Cost: 500xp
Effect: Gain Psy Rating 1 and access to any one Psychic Discipline, along with one Psychic Technique worth no more than 100xp. In addition, gain Psyniscience as a Trained Basic Skill. Note that the character is an unsanctioned psyker, and both is highly illegal within the Imperium, and uses the Renegade Psykers and Sorcerers row of Table 6-1: Psychic Strength on page 157 of the ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook.
Special: Astropath and Navigator characters can never take this Lineage choice. This Lineage grants only the most basic of psychic abilities. Further development of that power (such as purchasing psychic techniques) requires Elite Advances, the availability of which should be discussed with the GM. The GM is the final arbitrator as to what may or may not be purchased, or whether this Lineage choice is available at all.

Proven to be Pure
You are pure, either lacking psychic powers altogether, or possessing sufficient strength of soul and mind to be of use to the Imperium. In either case, long years of growing up amongst a family known for producing psykers have made you well-able to resist the power of the witch and the deamonic, and if you are a psyker yourself, your knowledge of psychic powers is all the more impressive.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: Gain the Resistance (Psychic Techniques) Talent. If the character is an Astropath-Transcendent, then he may spend an additional 200xp to gain a Psychic Technique.

Your family has long held a fascination with the warp, the witch, and the deamon. The presence of the witch amongst you has only fuelled that fascination, though you work hard to hide it from the Inquisition and others who would not understand your labours. Your quest for knowledge has led you to deal with all manner of individuals who may know useful information.
Cost: 300xp
Effect: Gain Forbidden Lore (Psykers or Warp) as a trained Skill. Gain the Peer (Astropaths or the Insane) Talent.

Origin Lineage

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